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What Makes YOU Different From Dwayne Johnson? Could it be PASSION?

There are many people who you might think of when you hear the word ‘success’. One who springs to my mind though is Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. Here we have a celebrity who started out by conquering the world of sport as a wrestler and who then went on to become one of the best paid actors in Hollywood.

Meanwhile, he has also started a successful business, become a highly influential social media presence and maintained an incredible physique all the while. Meanwhile, some people are now saying he may one day run for president!

How has one man achieved so much from humble beginnings? What is the secret to his success? And is it something that we can learn to emulate?

The Answer

There’s actually one very simple answer to what makes The Rock so unstoppable and that’s his passion. Johnson’s passion is so overwhelmingly strong, that he has no problem doing whatever it takes to make his way to the top.

When someone is that busy and has that many plates in the air, how can they possibly attain the kind of physique that he has? One of the answers is to get up earlier and to train before the rest of the world even wakes up. And that’s exactly what The Rock does. If you follow him on Instagram, then you’ll quickly find that a lot of his pictures pertain to his early morning training. These are images of his phone alarm going off at 4am, or of him in the gym alone before any other patrons have arrived.

Simply put, he is in that incredible shape because he has the will to train when most people wouldn’t even consider having the energy to do so.

And he puts that same passion into everything. This is how he finds time to be in so many movies each year, how he finds time to promote himself so actively on Facebook: it is all driven by his passion.

Yes, the Rock has unstoppable determination and motivation. But that comes from his passion. You can see it in the way he talks; he is absolutely thrilled to be doing what he is doing and that is what makes him jump out of bed in the morning. Have you ever seen him look sullen and disinterested? Can you imagine him coming home, getting into pajamas and watching hood TV while eating a pot of ice-cream?

How Passion Makes You Magnetic

It’s also the same passion that makes The Rock so exciting to watch. The Rock talks and smiles and gesticulates in a way that is genuine and larger-than-life and that makes him incredibly persuasive and likeable. Once again though, this comes from the fact that he loves what he does.

Studies show us that we rate people as more charismatic when they gesticulate more. When do people gesticulate more? When they are passionate about what they’re talking about. People who love their subject speak with their whole body and that makes them highly magnetic.

So what is the secret to Johnson’s success and how can you tap into it? Simple: find your passion!

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