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Introducing Live Alkaline Water:

A Black-owned, completely natural, and 100% chemical-free hydration solution. Sourced from an aquifer with pristine springs resting atop a mineral-rich bedrock, our water boasts a pH balance of 7.4 – 8.2 and an alkalinity of 8.0. Packed with over 108 essential minerals, it's a true powerhouse for your body's needs. Owned by Chief Robert McRea and nestled in Winston-Salem, NC, his aquifer naturally yields water with a high pH. Unlike other sources, our water undergoes only the purest natural filtration, ensuring it retains its freshness and vitality. With its inherent vibrancy and rich mineral content, Live Alkaline Water promises to elevate your hydration and invigorate your vitality. Give it a try today and experience its remarkable benefits!


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